Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems are stressful and cause water damage to your home. Unseen, extended problems and poor maintenance can cause mildew or mold in your home that create health risks if left untreated.

The climate in South Florida aggravates these conditions. Atlas Mechanical can locate the source of your problem and explain the repairs needed to restore a safe living environment to your home. Call us today!

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Plumbing Services

Whether you’re having problems with your existing toilet or looking to upgrade to the latest model, it pays to call the professionals at My Atlas Mechanical.

Most people don’t think about replacing their toilet until it’s too late. But are you aware that faulty or leaky toilets could be causing your utility bills to rise unnecessarily? Atlas Mechanical can provide you with various options to replace your toilet with an efficient new traditional model or an even more efficient “dual-flush” toilet. We feature quality brand toilets from Briggs and Toto. Complete installation is handled by one of our licensed professional technicians. And like all our plumbing work, the installation is guaranteed. Call My Atlas Mechanical at 1-561-732-8400 today.


It’s easy to forget about your garbage disposal until it stops working! If you have loud noises coming from your kitchen sink or a garbage disposal that has suddenly stopped working, don’t reach into your sink. Call Atlas Mechanical at 1-561-369-0025 today.

Although it may seem like your garbage disposal can “eat” anything, large quantities of food and debris going into the garbage disposal can overwhelm them and clog the kitchen sink drain. To keep your garbage disposal in top working condition, you should avoid feeding it items like:Garbage Disposal Repair

  • Grease, fats and oils
  • Large or hard food items
  • Meat, skin, bones and lard
  • Fibrous foods like celery and banana peels
  • Apple seeds or peach pits

If your garbage disposal stops working correctly or starts making loud or unusual noises, don’t worry. Most disposal problems are minor and can be repaired quickly. Atlas Mechanical will repair or replace broken garbage disposals and get your sink back to normal in no time.


Need a quick water heater repair? Or is your current one leaking and it needs to be replaced? If your water heater is over ten years old, your hot water may not be as hot as it could be or the hot water may not last as long, Atlas Mechanical can help.Water Heater Services

We offer:

  • 24/7, same-day service—We will get in and get out the day you call us.
  • No overtime fees— You won’t be charged extra for a repair or install that is done at night, on weekends, or on holidays.
  • Upfront pricing—You will know the full price of the repair or installation before we do any work—no surprises!
  • Repair, Replace, Install—We Do It All for Water Heaters

A broken water heater makes life uncomfortable

Water Heater BrandsIs your water heater electric, gas or a tankless model? What is the capacity of your water heater?

We’ll explain all of your options with a trained staff of qualified plumbers and electricians and fully stocked fleet of 25 vehicles, Atlas Mechanical can handle all of your maintenance and repair needs.