Common Noises your AC is Making and their Meaning

Technology has improved so significantly, that air conditioners are now quieter than before. Think back to a couple of years ago to those old units that sounded like hummingbirds, and compare with these silent lambs that are flooding the market every day. Say what you want, but air conditioners are considered the greatest thing since sliced bread, and these new models are incorporated with state-of-the-art dampening technology that helps to keep the noise levels down. So, if you end up hearing a strange sound from your AC, don’t overlook it, it could be a clear indication that your unit needs to be looked out by a professional.

Overlooking unusual noises from Air conditioners can turn a small repair issue into a big-time costly repair, or even replacement of the entire. Determining the cause of any strange noise in your unit, and resolving the issue promptly, will save you on a whole lot of complications down the line.

Below is a list of common sounds your air conditioner might make and what they mean;

  • Humming

Although a humming sound shouldn’t send the alarm bells ringing, it still indicates that something in your AC unit is wrong. It might be that certain loose parts or refrigerant piping are causing the sound, and if it is left unattended to, it can lead to severe maintenance problems. Also, humming noises also indicate electrical issues. If the compressor gives out a humming sound and doesn’t come up, then it could mean there is an issue with the motor, or there might be a loosed wire somewhere.

  • Screaming

Any high-pitch screaming is a significant sign that something is terribly wrong, and you should immediately put a call through to a professional. One of the major causes of screaming is a refrigerant leak, and this doesn’t only cause severe damages to your unit, it also puts your family health at risk. Screaming might also signal, an excessively high internal pressure in the compressor of your unit.

  • Rattling

This could indicate that your unit is getting old, and certain parts are starting to loosening. It could also be that the unit is beginning to deteriorate. It could also be that the fan is having some issues. Should you hear any rattling or chattering sounds, you should immediately check for loose bolts or screws in and around the AC’s clean condenser coils, and casing.

As a rule of thumb, if you hear any unusual sound or noise in your air conditioner, you should quickly turn your central unit off as a precautionary motive before you get in touch with a professional to thoroughly inspect the unit. Air conditioning units can be expensive to repair and replace, but carrying out a timely tune-up and inspection, with a reputable service provider can do you a whole lot of good.

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